Analysis of the development trend of auto parts industry
Release Time: 2019/10/17 16:17:15

In recent years, the auto parts industry has developed in the direction of modular manufacturing and integrated supply. In the face of increasingly fierce market environment, the world's major auto companies focus on their core business or advantageous business, and have turned from traditional vertical operation, pursuing a large and complete production model to streamlining organizations and specializing in the development of complete vehicles. The production model, invariably reduce the self-made rate of parts and components, and purchases auto parts products with comparative advantages on a global scale.

Under the general trend of advocating environmental protection, the society has increasingly attached importance to the performance of automobiles in terms of energy saving, safety and efficiency. The vehicle manufacturers have a series of performance requirements such as light weight, environmental protection, low cost and long life. huge challenge. The low-carbon economy is an inevitable choice for achieving sustainable development in the future. Under the background of increasingly severe environmental and energy pressures, some enterprises that fail to meet the standards have been gradually eliminated, objectively improving the overall quality level of the industry.

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